leading from the front

WHAT OR WHO IS A LEADER? A leader primarily is someone you can follow, not by definition of the name but, because they are inspirational, caring, encouraging and in the main – on your side when the going gets tough. It is easy for those in positions of power to make the rules and lay down the law, but ask those who work to that remit and they will say they are simply doing as they are told and not truly following a leader.

Good leaders

Good leaders understand their own authority without always having to demonstrate it. They gain respect because they deserve it, not demand it. They see the potential in others. They are not threatened by the skills and abilities of those in their service; indeed they will look to encourage the talents in others at every opportunity. We all work better and more efficiently with encouragement and feeling that we are appreciated and valued at every level, even when times are tough. A good leader will understand this and even seek to operate as part of the very team he or she is leading. Leading from the front often means being at the centre of things.

Great leaders

Great leaders don’t produce the finished article themselves; they are the facilitators who create the environment and energy for others to achieve the desired result.


Our Leadership course is designed to encourage greater awareness and development of the skills and responsibility you may already hold as a leader or manager. What are the demands made on you and how best can you operate within those constraints whilst seeking to gain the best from your sales team, client base or workforce?

Leadership and senior management can often be viewed as a lonely environment in which to operate. Our Leadership course offers the opportunity to share with others those experiences and how they can better be understood and addressed.  We will help you build on existing skills as a leader and explore new ideas of achieving improved future results both on a professional and personal level.

All of our courses offer the opportunity for individual presentation, discussion, appraisal and feedback in a supportive and encouraging environment.


1: Who we are as leaders

Filmed introduction/presentation from the candidates for later playback and discussion.

4: Problems!

Addressing staff and work related issues.
Is the customer always right?
How should I respond?
Confronting and dealing with change.
Am I failing?

2: Who is a leader?

An open forum on who and what makes a good leader.

Are all leaders the same?

A chance to compare our thoughts and experiences.

5: Making a difference.

An opportunity to review our success stories as leaders.
When did I get it right?
How did that feel?
What can I take from that experience?

3: The Role of a leader.

The responsibility of leadership and senior management can often be thrust on an individual by circumstance or default. We discuss the role of a leader and how it is perceived at all levels.

What does leadership entail, perceptions and reality?

Can I make a difference?

6: Moving Forward.

Sharing ideas for future development as a leader.
Building on our core strengths and leadership abilities.
What have I learnt and how can I adapt in response?


£2000/per group

Up to 10 people.
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day


£2500/per group

Up to 10 people.
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day


£250/per person

Dates: TBC
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day