Media Training Day

Here at YAFTA Consultancy we have experienced media professionals who will guide you through the potential minefield of “facing the press” whether that is Radio, TV or Print Journalism.

We will help you understand what it is the journalist is looking for when he or she comes knocking at your door. We will show you how to manage the demands of the press and get your message and answers across in an engaging and succinct way that will offer them the “sound bite” and fuller story they are seeking. We will help take the mystique and nerves out of facing a microphone or camera and actually allow you to enjoy “your moment in the spotlight” as you answer their questions politely yet with authority.

address the media

For the more experienced PR communicator, whether with a Parish magazine or an established business, we will show you how to address the media with confidence and clarity as you assume control of the agenda rather than acceding to their demands for the facts!  We can also show you how to turn your press release into something that immediately engages with the reporter or press agent and gets them calling for further details rather than having it “filed” in the round basket by their desk!

fun and interactive

Whatever your need to “face” the press, our Media Course is designed to be a fun and interactive day that will offer you an insight into how the media in all its forms, thinks and operates and also why you don’t need to be fearful of that journalist or news reporter when they come looking for a scoop!


This course is suitable for anybody who will be addressing the media, this may be as a member of a group or society or as a representative of a professional business or enterprise.

All of our courses offer the opportunity for individual presentation, discussion, appraisal and feedback in a supportive and encouraging environment.


1: What is the Media?

Understanding exactly who and what is the media.

5: Going Live

Preparing what you are going to say
Knowing how to correctly answer the question.
Using your time efficiently and to the best effect.

2: What do journalists want?

Understanding the story from the journalist’s point of view; will it appeal to their readership, listeners or viewers? Am I the right person to speak?

6: Preparing a Press Release.

Understanding what your story is.
How to make your story interesting and appealing to the press.
Keeping a news diary
Writing your press release.

3: What do I want from the Media?

What do I want to say?
How can I make my story appealing to the press?
How to obtain publicity without being in the news
Managing bad news

7: Post Press

What happens to your story or article once it has been aired or published

4: Facing the camera or microphone

Camera Awareness- How to into a camera
How to speak into a microphone correctly
How to use the camera to visually enhance your message
Speaking clearly and authoritatively when the “mic is live” or the “camera is rolling”.

8: Going to Print.

End of day evaluation and discussion. Questions and answers and thoughts for the future.



£2000/per group

Up to 14 people.
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day


£2500/per group

Up to 14 people.
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day



Dates: TBC
Locations: Nationwide
Tutor: Mark Seaman
Course Length: 1 Day