Dr Naomi Murphy
I am a clinical & forensic psychologist and an accredited sensorimotor psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in finding ways to make mental health treatment and knowledge accessible and useful to a broader range of people including those who are usually mistrustful of psychologists such as people with complex traumatic histories and those who have used self-harm, offending or substances to cope.

I have clinical expertise in:

Transforming the culture of total institutions – creating cultures of compassion and emotional authenticity in traditionally austere and challenging environments; Creating trans-disciplinary teams with clear objectives and goals Working actively with the concept of risk and ensuring decision making is defensible and would withstand legal scrutiny Making trauma-focused treatment accessible to frightened or treatment ambivalent clients with complex mental health needs; Providing integrative therapeutic work drawing on narrative therapy, schema-focused therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy; Sharing psychological knowledge and concepts with non-psychologists to enable them to enhance and perform their own role more effectively Enabling men to access emotionally focused therapy both within secure settings and in private practice Introducing technology to broaden the reach of mental health services within settings that are “technophobic” Providing therapy in private practice via Skype

I have significant experience of assessing and providing expert witness testimony in family and criminal courts as well as to Mental Health Review Tribunals and Parole Board Reviews. I am used to working in a setting with high profile individuals and ensuring confidentiality and discretion. Several of my private practice clients have been high profile individuals also.

I co-edited Treating Personality Disorder (Routledge 2010) and regularly speak at conferences at a national and international level. I am active on social media and engage regularly with journalists believing it important that psychological knowledge is shared widely. I have received media training via the BPS and participated in radio discussions about current affairs including Late Night Woman’s Hour (Radio 4), Indus News and Voice of Islam.

I enjoy learning and being creative. I have most recently incorporated Yoga, Mindfulness and NeurOptimal™ bioneurofeedback into our therapeutic programme and am currently embedding nature based VR into treatment and designing VR training packages for operational staff. I have partnered with 2 VR companies to achieve this. Additionally, I have worked with a small production team on 4 occasions to plan short films documenting our units work and been involved at all stages including planning and preparation and editing in order to maintain the confidentiality of our population and perception of the unit.