We appreciate that each production has different requirements and will therefore require a conversation with you to establish your needs. Once this has been established, we can then provide a quote based on the support that you will require to ensure that you are compliant with media ethics guidelines as stated by the British Psychological Society.
Only the most qualified psychologists
At YAFTA Consultancy, in compliance with Media Ethics Guidelines as stated by the British Psychological Society (BPS), we only employ fully qualified psychologists. All psychologists that will be working with participants will be chartered psychologists with the British Psychological Society and will hold registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as practitioner psychologists. All psychologists involved in the devision of duty of care processes and risk assessments will be BPS accredited and hold practitioner psychologist status with the Association of Business Psychologists (ABP) and/or HCPC registration.

These registrations ensure that psychologists have the necessary training and qualifications as practitioner psychologists to work with members of the public, ensuring that the best possible, and most ethical option for cultivating public safety in the film and tv industry is employed.
YAFTA Consultancy can provide anything from basic consultancy which involves advising on what kind of psychologists you will require for each part of your production, right through to offering the full duty of care package which includes consultancy advice and all qualified psychologists required for the duration of your production. If you are looking for psychological support for your production, e-mail us with your name, contact phone number and most appropriate time to contact you.

Informed Consent

Ensuring that contributors are able to give informed consent is an important part of contributor care, however it is a challenging process.

Psychological Risk Assessment

Through conducting a psychological risk assessment on the production, we can identify where contributors might be at risk of psychological harm throughout the production process.

Pre-Production Assessments

It is vital that television contributors are screened to establish whether the display any psychological vulnerabilities which may be exacerbated through participating in the production.

Production Support

The production process can be a demanding process, more so than people are expecting.

Post Filming Support

It is always wise to consider offering post filming support to your contributors, especially on productions which film over a number of weeks

Post Transmission

Post transmission support is absolutely vital. Transmission is a crucial time where may issues may arise such as how the contributor responds to the edit of the production and also how they are publicly received.

Contributor Profiling

Through creating psychological profiles of the contributors, you can gain understanding of where psychological vulnerabilities might be exposed.

Coping with Media Attention

We offer training on coping with media attention and how to manage social media if they become overwhelmed with the attention that they receive through social media.

Psychological Duty of Care Workshops for Production Teams

We offer workshops for production teams to educate staff on the psychological duty of care considerations that need to be made at various points throughout the production cycle.

Script Advisor

Script advisory work including storyline and character development.

Performance Coach

On-set performance coaching for actors undertaking particularly challenging storylines.

On Screen

On-screen interviews about mental health and psychology.


Consultancy on the design and development of pre-production, production and post-production psychological wellbeing processes for both on-screen and off-screen talent.


Writing columns, opinion pieces, advice and commentary on business, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and the arts.

Public Speaker

Public speaker and panellist on mental health, personal resilience and performance, business, media and the arts


Recommendations of psychological support are always made in the best interests of the contributor. It is not ethical to recommend that a contributor undergoes psychological support if this is unnecessary. Psychologists adhere to a strict code of conduct when working with clients (contributors), this is to ensure the safety of the client. We will not recommend psychological support if it is not deemed appropriate for the client. Psychological support will only be recommended where it has been identified as appropriate and necessary for the client.

Should contributors present with symptoms of mental illness at any point throughout the production process, they will be signposted to relevant services in their area for ongoing support.