We all love watching films...
but what we aren’t all aware of is the vast team effort that goes into producing a film. The actors and actresses are only one small part of the production, there’s the whole crew from the directors and producers right through to the runners. There’s the costume designers, production managers, assistant directors, sound technicians, camera operators, lighting technicians, production designers, set decorators, make up-artists and editors to name a few that all work together in order to achieve that one final goal of producing a film worthy of our viewing.
Lights, Camera, Action
During the unique YAFTA “Lights, Camera, Action” team building day, with guidance from our experienced team, delegates will take on the roles of director, producer, film crew, cast, script writers and wardrobe as they star in and produce their very own film. At the end of the day the footage will be taken away and edited. Once the final edit is complete the film will be sent back for everyone involved to regroup and enjoy seeing the final result of all their hard work.

In order to successfully fulfil the goal of creating their film in one day, highly efficient teamwork will be required and as such specific areas crucial for successful team work. work will be developed; communication, problem solving & decision making, adaptability & planning, building trust. Additionally ten key factors that are pivotal to the success of any team project will be covered over the course of the day.

All of our courses offer the opportunity for individual presentation, discussion, appraisal and feedback in a supportive and encouraging environment.
Having a clear purpose

All team members will understand and be committed to the vision, goals and objectives of the team in creating the film.

Open Communication

Effective teams pride themselves on open, participatory communication and vigorous discussions. The team will take time to explicitly discuss the film making process and how the team will function to achieve its objective. The group will have a clear, explicit, and mutually agreed-upon approach, expectations & rules for the day of filming

In effective teams there is disagreement but members are comfortable with this and deal with it openly. There will be very few signs of avoiding or suppressing conflict and criticism will be orientated towards removing an obstacle that faces the group and task.

The teams will implement systems & procedures to enable successful completion of the filming, these will be decided by each team at the start of the day, this is a defining trait of effective teams.

Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

During the day teams will be faced with a number of situations and problems they have never encountered before therefore developing appropriate approaches to problem solving and decision-making will be essential in order to progress with the film.

Defined Roles, responsibilities & Accountability

Roles, responsibilities and expectations for the day will be well defined, understood and accepted. Work will be fairly distributed amongst the team and the team will be encouraged to assign tasks to those with appropriate skill sets to fulfil individual tasks successfully. Team members will be fully accountable for individual and collective team performance.

Effective teams work on building and maintaining internal relationships. Throughout the day, team members will be encouraged to be supportive, trust one another and have a lot of fun together.

Effective teams have clear shared measures. Throughout the day teams will schedule time to regularly assess their progress and performance, identifying achievements and areas for improvement.


£ 2000 /per group
  • Up to 15 people
  • Additional Attendees: £125 per person
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Tutor: Charlotte Armitage
  • Length: 1 day & time to regroup and watch the edited film 2 weeks after the course.


£ 2500 /per group
  • Up to 15 people
  • Additional Attendees: £125 per person
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Tutor: Charlotte Armitage
  • Length: 1 day & time to regroup and watch the edited film 2 weeks after the course.


All of the above will be covered in an enjoyable environment for all those taking part. Building these essential skills will help to improve employee productivity and conduct at wok and as most business owners and those in a position of management know, great teamwork is one of the key factors associated with the success of a company.

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