You are now aware of the YAFTA Consultancy but...

You may be wondering what YAFTA actually is. YAFTA stands for The Yorkshire Academy of Film & Television Acting. YAFTA is one of the best known academies in the country for screen acting training. YAFTA actors have gone on to roles in the nations favourite soaps such as BBC Doctors and Coronation street, BBC Drama’s such as Happy Valley, From Darkness, feature films and commercials as well as becoming lead presenters on TV and in corporate settings.


Our consultancy was originally developed to help teach the performance skills of actors to those in the corporate environment. We understand exactly what it takes to give a truthful, confident and believable performance and use our expertise in this area to train teams and individuals in a corporate setting to help businesses perform better.

Highly Qualified Team

We now have a highly qualified team of chartered occupational psychologists, chartered managers, accredited business psychologists, managing directors, negotiation experts and leadership and management specialists.

With our team of experts we have developed a full range of training for those in the business environment ranging from Presentation Skills and Public Speaking courses right through to delivering Psychometric Testing and Leadership and Management Programmes.

Bespoke Packages

We offer bespoke packages for those who have specific needs and welcome any questions that you have.