Advice for Employers Regarding Employees Working from Home
The COVID-19 outbreak has already created the most significant level of disruption and havoc to our society than most of those who are still alive have seen in their lifetimes.

Within a matter of weeks, the lives of the nation have been turned upside down in the most drastic fashion with significant behavioural changes being expected in a very short space of time. Ordinarily it would take months or even years to safely facilitate behavioural change, but an execution of this is expected within a matter of days.

For many, the change to working from home will require substantial adjustment in how they view and utilise their home environment, which for many has been inextricably linked to relaxation rather than productivity, until now. There will be a psychological impact on many aspects of life, especially in creating a work-life balance. This balance is a fundamental aspect of healthy psychological functioning and therefore maintaining it is imperative for the wellbeing of your employees. When working from home, the boundaries between where work ends and home life begins becomes blurred. This makes it harder to focus and also harder to switch off, this can lead to a feeling of burnout resulting in an impact on mental health if not managed appropriately.

Advice for Employers with Employees Working from Home